Option 1 (EU citizens)

Undergraduate programme: EU citiziens, who have certificates of secondary education issued outside Poland, are required to sit an entrance exam covering subjects specified in the qualification process - mathematics and English (obligatory) and either physics, biology or chemistry (according to the student's choice). On-line registration lasts from 5th to 25th of May. Exams will take place from 10th to 13th June.

Graduate programme: 1.5-year MSc studies start twice a year__ - in October or in February.
The qualification process is conducted by the Selection Committee appointed by the Dean of the Faculty. It consists of a written test and an interview. Candidates should demonstrate their knowledge of the subject at engineer level in the field of computer science and mathematics. The deadline for the filing of documents is the end of June (in the case of candidates for studies starting in October) or 10th January (in the case of candidates for studies starting in February). The written test and interview take place in the first week of July or in the middle of January, respectively. The list of successful applicants is announced by 9th July or in February.

An extract from the resolution 48/III/2007 of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, dated 13th December 2007, concerning enrollment for second grade studies of Information Technology conducted in English (Computer Science) in 2008:

The selection procedure consists of two stages (evaluated on a scale of 0 - 5 points):
  • written qualifying exam
  • interview
During the exam and interview candidates should exhibit a level of knowledge appropriate for an engineer of Information Technology in all areas selected by the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science:
  • Mathematics – in the area of analysis and algebra,
  • Information Technology – in the area of algorithms and data structures, mathematical linguistics and programming in high level languages (e.g. C/C++).

The Candidate can only be conditionally matriculated for second grade studies if during the 1st year of studies s/he completes the obligatory classes. Failure to do so will lead to the threat of expulsion from the course.

Option 2 (non-EU citizens)

Non-EU citizens and EU citizens, who opt for full-fee studies, are accepted without an entrance exam.
Admission is based on the personal and academic records of applicants. A candidate must hold a document certifying a completed secondary school (high school) education. All available information is considered, including school records, English language proficiency, evidence of academic maturity and independence, extracurricular activities, and motivation. Applicants' qualifications are judged by the Admissions Committee on a case-by-case basis.
The deadline for the submission of application forms is 15th August, (in the case of candidates for studies starting in October) or 10th January, (in the case of candidates for studies starting in February). Candidates are strongly advised to submit their completed application form and as many credentials as possible at the earliest possible opportunity. Decisions will be sent to the applicants on 1st September, or 20th January, respectively.

Tuition fees

The fees for students attending programs taught in English are reviewed every year by the Rector of Warsaw University of Technology. The current fees for studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science are:

Option 1 (partial-fee, EU citizens):

  • Entrance examination fee: 80 PLN
  • Bachelor programmes: 2000 PLN/semester
  • Master programmes: 2500 PLN/semester

Option 2 (full-fee, non-EU citizens):

  • Application fee (non refundable): 200 EUR
  • Bachelor programmes: 3300 EUR/year
  • Master programmes: 4200 EUR/year

Requirements and Registration

BSc Level

From our undergraduate studies candidates apart from normal university demands we require very good analytic abilities in order to be able to receive extensive mathematical knowledge. Please do not apply if you have not reached at least B in mathematics or physics during your secondary school/college education.

MSc Level

From our graduate studies candidates we require 3.5 years of BSc education plus proved very good abilities in programming, computer science and higher mathematics including discrete mathematics, statistics, analysis and algebra.

More Information

All necessary information regarding the admission procedure, requirements, deadlines and fees for BSc and MSc studies can be also found at International Students Office(external link).

For specific information regarding studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science please contact the faculty’s Coordinator for English - medium Studies:
Krzysztof Kaczmarski, Ph.D.

In order to register as a candidate go to the International Students Portal(external link)

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