Faculty News:

Dear International Students,
Please be informed that since the summer semester 2016 you pay the tuition fee only for a semester and the payment can be done in PLN. The amount of tuition fee given in EUR (1650 EUR per semester of Bachelor’s degree programme, 2100 EUR per semester of Master’s degree programme) should be calculated into PLN according to the middle exchange rates of foreign currencies - table A of the day before the day of making the payment, announced on the website of Narodowy Bank Polski (National Bank of Poland).
Here is the link to the website of NBP in Polish:
http://www.nbp.pl/home.aspx?f=/kursy/kursya.html(external link)
Here is the link to the website of NBP in English:
http://www.nbp.pl/homen.aspx?f=/kursy/ratesa.html(external link)

Bank account number for annual fees:

Bank PEKAO SA IV O/Warszawa
81 1240 1053 1111 0000 0500 5664

Other Academic Information:

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