Studying program:

  • computer science
BSc course programme in e-mini system(external link)

General information

BSc studies in Computer Science last for 3.5 years (7 semesters). This consists of a total of 2820 hours of instruction, made up of approximately
  • 630 hours of foundation subjects (Mathematics, Physics)
  • 810 hours of the core subject (Foundation Computer Science)
  • 420 hours of specialized study (Foundation specialist study)
  • 90 hours of Humanities
  • 210 hours of Modern Languages
  • 300 hours of alternative chosen subjects
  • 180 hours of Physical Education and Sports
  • 180 hours of thesis preparation
Of these hours, there are approximately
  • 960 lecture hours
  • 960 hours of tutorials
  • 720 hours of laboratory and project work

Undergraduates profile

A BSc graduate in Computer Science should be able to demonstrate:
  • the ability to administer medium-scale information systems,
  • the ability to make practical use of information tools and to write computer programs,
  • an excellent foundation knowledge of basic subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Humanities and Social Sciences) in addition to the basics of computer science, allowing the candidate to gain further knowledge in the fast changing world of Computer Science,
  • the ability to prepare, realise and verify computer science projects,
  • technical ability in the field of servicing computer equipment and programming.
Depending on the study profile, a graduate may find employment as an administrator of medium-scale computer systems, programmer, operator or service worker for information systems, designer, creator and administrator of computer networks, or specialist in data protection and information system security. On gaining pedagogic qualifications, a graduate may also teach computer science.

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