Libor Barto, abstract
Vijay Kumar Bhat, abstract
Grzegorz Bińczak, abstract
Michal Botur, abstract
Pablo Gabriel Celayes, abstract
Ivan Chajda, abstract
Adam Christov, abstract
Janis Cirulis, abstract
Gabor Czedli, abstract
Janusz Czelakowski, abstract
Klaus Denecke, abstract
Manfred Droste, abstract
Guenther Eigenthaler, abstract
Andrea Frisova, abstract
Jan Gałuszka, abstract
Pierre Gillibert, abstract
Rüdiger Göbel, abstract
Ewa Graczyńska, abstract
Mariusz Grech, abstract
Oleg Gutik, abstract
Bartosz Jabłoński, abstract
Danica Jakubikova-Studenovska, abstract
Premysl Jedlicka, abstract
Kalle Kaarli, abstract
Joanna Kaleta, abstract
Sebastian Kerkhoff, abstract
Miroslav Kolařík, abstract
Michiro Kondo, abstract
Jorg Koppitz, abstract
Miroslav Korbelar, abstract
Marcin Kozik, abstract
Ondrej Krídlo, abstract
Jan Krnavek, abstract
Somsak Lekkoksung, abstract
Dragan Masulovic, abstract
Ivanna Melnyk, abstract
Yuri Movsisyan, abstract
Ebrahim Nazari, abstract
Anvar Nurakunov, abstract
Kateryna Pavlyk, abstract
Dara Phusanga, abstract
Agata Pilitowska, abstract
Alexandr Pinus, abstract
Joao Pita Costa, abstract
Reinhard Pöschel, abstract
Jan Raasch, abstract
Sandor Radeleczki, abstract
Anna Romanowska, abstract
Napaporn Sarasit, abstract
Martin Schneider, abstract
Marina Semenova, abstract
Victor Shcherbacov, abstract
Jonathan Smith, abstract
Sergejs Solovjovs, abstract
David Stanovsky, abstract
Worakrit Supaporn, abstract
Filip Švrček, abstract
Edith Vargas Garcia, abstract
Jan Vlachy, abstract
Rudolf Wille, abstract
Mohhamad Zahedi, abstract
Anna Zamojska-Dzienio, abstract
Anatolii Zhuchok, abstract

If you intend to give a computer-aided presentation (which is preferred), you are kindly asked to send your file to aaa80@mini.pw.edu.pl as soon as possible, but not later than several days in advance. The organization's strong preference is that you use the computers in the lecture rooms. We will take care of uploading your file and testing it. Please also name the file of your presentation with the first author's family name. If there are multiple talks with the same first author's name, please add a distinguishing keyword from the title of the talk. In each lecture room a laptop or PC, an overhead projector, and a blackboard, chalk and eraser will also be available.