Programme of the Working Days (July 13th - 19th)

The conference is held in the 'Zajazd Piastowski' The hotel, apart from the accommodation and conference facilities offers various entertainment opportunities, some of which are mentioned on the above page.

Please note that there is a wireless internet access point in the hotel; however, its range is limited to the reception hall and its surroundings.

The accommodation prices are:
- single room: 130-150 zl/night
- double room: 85 zl/(person*night),
where 1 Polish zloty equals currently about 22-23 eurocents (or in the opposite direction: 1 EUR = 4.4 PLN)

Breakfasts are included in the above prices, lunches will be served in the hotel too (at the expense of conference budget), and as far as evening meals are concerned there will be 2 official dinners, but otherwise you'll be encouraged to visit some of the nice restaurants situated in the town centre.


Programme of the preworkshop (July 10th and 11th)

The foreign participants will stay at the Banach Centre, 8 Sniadeckich Str. (the rooms are already booked). This regards both the preworkshop participants and those of you who arrive by plain on July 12th or 14th (in which case you'll just spend one night at the Banach Centre). The BC guest rooms will also be available for you between July 19th and the date of your departure from Warsaw.

The Banach Centre is open 24 hours a day - the porter downstairs will give you your keys. He is also aware of your expected time of arrival. Please inform us, however, in case of a substantial change in your travel plans.

NB. No additional payment will be required from you for the Banach Centre accommodation in Warsaw.


There will be a bus from Warsaw (Banach Centre) to Kazimierz on Monday July 13th (probably in the early afternoon), and back on Sunday 19th (immediately after breakfast).

Those of you who will not travel by bus are advised to consult the map and the public transport information if you're not coming by car.

Ways of reaching the Banach Centre are described here, and getting from Warsaw airport to the main railway station or vice versa is very easy as it requires only one ride on a 175 bus.