Banach Center Symposium

Geometry and Topology of Caustics


Warsaw, Poland,19-30 June 2006


Name Address Title of lecture Arrival Departure Hotel
Sergey Agafonov   June 25 June 30 BC
Hassan Babiker   June 19 June 30 none
Patricia Hernandes Baptistelli   June 25 July 1 BC
Lev Birbrair Lipschitz Geometry of Conflict sets or Focal Decompositions for ODE and Combinatorics June 19 July 1 Polna
Ilya Bogaevsky Discontinuous gradient differential equations and trajectories in calculus of variations  June 18 June 24 BC
Jean-Paul Brasselet 1. Algebras of functions on singular spaces (joint work with André Legrand and Nicolas Teleman)
2. Hochschild homology of Whitney functions (joint work with Markus Pflaum)
June 22 June 29 BC
Marc Chaperon Some generalisations of the Hopf bifurcation June 17 June 23 BC
Michal Cukrowski   June 19 June 30 none
Declan Davis Affine surface parallels, and the affine focal surface June 18 June 30 Sezam
Alexey Davydov
  June 18  June 21  BC
Wojciech Domitrz Cohomology of zero weak algebraic restrictions and volume-preserving classification of singular varieties and maps (joint work with J. Rieger) June 19 June 30 none
Adam Dzedzej   June 21 June 24 Polna
Diana Dziewa   June 19 June 30 none
Peter Giblin Centre Symmetry Sets June 21 June 29 +wife, BC
Pawel Goldstein   June 19 June 30 none
Vincent Grandjean Continuity of curvatures of a tame function and singularities at infinity June 19 July 1 Sezam
Marek Grochowski   June 19 June 30 none
Shyuichi Izumiya 1. Differential Geometry from the view point of Lagrangian or Legendrian singularity theory
2. Codimension two spacelike submanifolds in Lorentz-Minkowski space
June 19 July 1 Polna
Stanislaw Janeczko On local symplectic algebras June 19 June 30 none
Zbigniew Jelonek The Lojasiewicz Exponent of a polynomial mapping on an affine variety June 22 June 30 Polna
Alain Joets 1. Caustics in Greek antiquity
2. Singularities in drawings of singular surfaces
June 18 June 30 Sezam
Maxim Kazarian Enumerative invariants of fronts in complex geometry June 19 June 30 BC
Giorgi Khimshiashvili
Stable holomorphic curves in loop spaces June 24 June 30 BC
Krzysztof Kurdyka   June 22 June 29 Arch.
Leon Kushner Prequasi-homogeneous maps in two variables (joint work with M. Saia) June 17 July 2 +wife, BC
Sergei Lando 1. Hurwitz numbers and Hurwitz spaces
2. Thom polynomials for maps of curves with isolated singularities
June 19 June 30 BC
Daniel Lehmann Introduction to a global study of webs on holomorphic surfaces June 25 July 1 Sezam
Gabor Lippner   June 18 June 23 Polna
Rodrigo Martins   June 17 July 1 BC
Malgorzata Mikosz   June 19 June 30 none
Piotr Mormul Classification of special 2-flags in small lengths and prolongations of curves on monster manifolds (joint with F. Pelletier) June 19 June 30 none
Tadeusz Mostowski Review of the Lipschitz equisingularity June 19 June 30 none
Aleksandra Nowel   June 19 June 30 none
Regilene Oliveira Newton polyhedra and positive quadratic differential forms June 25 July 1 Arch.
Zbigniew Pasternak-Winiarski   June 19 June 30 none
Fernand Pelletier Abelian subalgebra and generalized Magri Manifolds June 25 July 4 none, CJ
Grigory Polotovskiy Topology of real decomposable algebraic curves 21 June 29 June Sezam
Joachim Rieger Real deformations and invariants of map-germs June 18 June 25 BC
Marcelo Saia Numerical control of Equisingularity for map germs from $\C^n$ to $\C^p$, $n \geq p$ June 18 July 1 BC
Vyacheslav Sedykh Many-dimensional generalizations of Freedman's theorem on the number of tritangent planes of a curve in 3-space June 18 June 30 BC
Dirk Siersma Morse Theory of the Distance Function, Voronoi Diagrams and the Cut Locus June 18 June 30 BC
Ewa Strozyna   June 19 June 30 none
Andras Szucs 1. Bordism and cobordism in topology, survey of elementary known results and history
2. Kazarian space of singularities and its relation to cobordism of singular maps
June 18 July 1 Sezam
Tamas Terpai   June 18 July 1 Arch.
Mihai Tibar Deformations of affine hypersurfaces and their curvature June 18 June 26 BC
Ricardo Uribe-Vargas
A new invariant for swallowtails and cusps of Gauss June 18 June 30 Polna
Guillaume Valette Multiplicty mod 2 as a metric invariant June 20 June 20 none
Andrzej Weber Positivity of Thom polynomials in Schur basis (joint work with P. Pragacz) June 26 June 30 none
Yosef Yomdin How to reconstruct a semialgebraic function (and its singularities) from its Fourier data? June 23 July 3 +wife, BC
Mariusz Zajac   June 19 June 30 none
Vladimir Zakalyukin Singularities via special group of equivalences June 25 July 1 BC