Program seminarium


The meetings (unless stated otherwise) take place between 2.15 and 4 pm in room 431 of the MiNI (Mathematics) building, 75 Koszykowa Str.

12.06.2014, Maria del Carmen Romero Fuster, Geometry of 3-manifolds in Euclidean space (3.15pm, MiNI building room 103)

10.06.2014, Mutsuo Oka, Fermat curves and an application (3.15pm-4pm) pdf file

10.06.2014, James Damon, Singular Milnor fibers for matrix singularities (2.15pm-3pm)

2-5.06.2014, CAS Workshop - Singularity and related topics (MiNI building, room 312)

27.05.2014, James Damon; Gauss-Bonnet via Morse theory

20.05.2014, Joachim Rubinstein; The compression problem in machine learning

6.05.2014, Piotr Migus; Local equivalence of functions

29.04.2014, Zbigniew Jelonek; Proper polynomial mappings

8.04.2014, Peter Giblin; One-parameter families of centre symmetry sets

1.04.2014, Osamu Saeki; Visualizing multivariate data using singularity theory

25.03.2014, Osamu Saeki; Singular fibers of differentiable maps and low dimensional topology II

18.03.2014, Osamu Saeki; Singular fibers of differentiable maps and low dimensional topology I

11.03.2014, Zbigniew Jelonek; Bifurcation points of a polynomial of two complex variables

11.02.2014, Shuichi Izumiya; Lightlike geometry of world sheets in Lorentz space forms

4.02.2014, Vyacheslav D. Sedykh; Methods of Differential Geometry in the pipeline transport

28.01.2014, Vyacheslav D. Sedykh; The topology of wave fronts and caustics

21.01.2014, Vyacheslav D. Sedykh; The contact geometry of space curves

14.01.2014, Takuo Fukuda; Solvability of generalized Hamiltonian systems II

7.01.2014, Takuo Fukuda; Solvability of generalized Hamiltonian systems I

17.12.2013, Takuo Fukuda; Lagrangian submanifolds of the tangent bundle of a symplectic manifold as implicit differential equations

3.12.2013, Roberta Godoi Wik Atique; On the simplicity of multigerms

26.11.2013, Zbigniew Jelonek; The defect of the Center Symmetry Set of the algebraic variety

5.11.2013, Saurabh Trivedi; Stability of transversality and regularity of stratifications

29.10.2013, Guillaume Valette; Lipschitz stratifications of definable sets

22.10.2013, Christophe Eyral; On the fundamental groups of join-type curves

15.10.2013, Tadeusz Mostowski; Non-oscillation conjecture