Pulawy - a town situated 10 km north of Kazimierz - lies on a major railroad Warszawa-Lublin. Polish Railways' search page (enter 'Warszawa Centralna' and 'Pulawy Miasto') shows that there are more than ten direct trains every day. The train journey from Warsaw takes about 2 hours and costs about 30 zlotys.

The easiest thing to do when you arrive in Pulawy is taking a local bus - line 12 joins Pulawy Miasto railway station with a place called Kazimierz Czerniawy. According to the bus company's webpage the final stop of this bus is located near to the corner of Czerniawy Str. and Sloneczna Str., i.e. some 300 m from the hotel. The bus journey takes about 30 minutes and costs about 3 zlotys.

The timetable of the bus looks somewhat confusing, but at least the rides marked in blue and black should operate on weekdays - please note that the last bus leaves at 8.05 pm, so it would be advisable to depart from Warsaw at 5.15 pm at the latest.

The same holds, mutatis mutandis, for the return journey. The timetable for the buses going from Kazimierz to Pulawy is here

There are also some more buses (run by another company - PKS) between Pulawy and Kazimierz, but using them requires more walking around both towns. Of course taking a taxi is also an option.