prof. dr hab. Stanisław JANECZKO


Academic Career.


1978              MSc, Warsaw University.

1981              Degree: PhD. in Mathematics, Warsaw University of Technology.

1978-79         Tutor at the Department of Mathematical Physics, University of Warsaw.

1978-81         Senior Tutor in the Institute of Mathematics , Warsaw University of Technology.

1981-84         Lecturer in the Institute of Mathematics, Warsaw University of Technology.

1984              Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics , Facultes Universitaires de Namur (Belgium)-6 months.

1985-86         Visiting research fellow in the Max-Planck-Institut fur Mathematik, Bonn (West Germany)-1 year.

1986-87         Lecturer in the Institute of Mathematics, Warsaw University of Technology.

Since 1986 member of the A.M.S. and reviewer for the Math. reviews,

1988              Degree: Habilitation in Mathematics, Title of dissertation: The theory of singularities of Lagrangian varieties.

1988              Visiting professor in the Mathematics Institute,       University of Warwick (England)-3 months, and in the           Max-Planck-Institut fur Mathematik, Bonn (West Germany)-3 months.

1989 Since 1989           docent in the Institute of Mathematics,    Warsaw University of Technology.

1989              Visiting professor in the Department of Mathematics, Facultes Universitaires de Namur (Belgium)-4 months.

1992              Reviewer for Zentralblatt fÄur Mathematik.

1990-91         Visiting professor in the Mathematics Department,             University of California, Santa Cruz, USA-one year.

1992 -            Professor position in the Institute of Mathematics, Warsaw University of Technology and 1/2 docent position          in Mathematics Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences.

1993              Visiting professor in the Department of Mathematics,         University of Utrecht, Holland, (Commission of the European Communities Research Grant) - 3 months

1992-97         Member of the Banach Centre Scientifc Council.

1992 -            Member of the London Mathematical Society.

1993-99         Dean of The Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics,             Warsaw University of Technology.

1994 -            Head of the Department of Analysis and Singularity Theory in Warsaw University of Technology

1997              Title: Professor of Mathematical Sciences

1999 -            The Delegate of Rector of Warsaw University of Technology for Graduate and Advanced Studies.

2002 -            Director of the Mathematical Institute Polish Academy of Sciences and Director of the Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center


Short visits and main conferences.


1981 & 1984     Two one-month visits in the Istituto di Fisica Mathematica J.L. Lagrange", Univ. di Torino (Italy).

1983           Conference on Differential Geometry and Applications, Nove Mesto, (Czechoslovakia).

1983           Conference on Convergent Structures II, Schwerin (DDR).

1985           Visit to the R. Thom Seminar in I.H.E.S. Bures-Sur-Yvette (France).

1985           Semester on Singularity Theory, S. Banach Centre, Warsaw, (Poland).

1986           Arbeitstagung 26, Bonn (West Germany).

1987           One-month visit to the Department of Mathematics, University of Newcastle upon Tyne,( England).

1987           Two-months visit to the Department of Mathematics, Monash University, Melbourne (Australia).

1987           Visit to T.-C. Kuo Seminar in the Department of Mathematics, Sydney University, Sydney (Australia).

1989           Warwick Symposium on Singularity Theory and its Applications, one-month visit.

1991           3rd Tri-annual Joint Berkeley-Stanford-Santa Cruz Differential Geometry Conference - Spring Meeting.

1992           Workshop on Interfaces between Physics and Mathematics, Vienna, March 2-6.

1992           Two-weeks visit to the Faculty of Mathematical Studies University of Southampton, U.K.

1992           Workshop on Dynamical Systems, Kazimierz Dolny,16-20, December, Poland.

1993           Departement de Mathematiques, Facultes Universitaires de Namur,

                  Research Grant - two months.

1993           Banach Center Symposium on Geometry in Nonlinear Control, Warsaw, May 31 - June 25.

1993           Banach Center Symposium on Singularities and Differential Equations (coorganisation). Warsaw, September 26 - November 6.

1994           SERC - Research Grant, Faculty of Mathematical Studies, University of Southampton, U.K. two months.

1995           Banach Center Symposium on Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics,(coorganisation), Warsaw, April 18 - May 31.

1995           XIV Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics, Białowieża, Poland, July 9 - 15.

1995           6th International Conference on Differential Geometry and Applications, Brno, Czech Republic, 08.28-09.01.

1996           XV Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics, Quantization, Deformations and Coherent States, Białowieża, Poland, July 1 - 7.

                  (Member of the Scientific Adv. Committee)

1996           2nd European Congress of Mathematics, Budapest, July 22-26.

1996           Singularity Theory Conference, Terry Wall's Birthday Meeting, Liverpool, August 19-24.

1996           Symposium on Singularities, on the 70th birthday of Stanislaw Łojasiewicz, 24-29 September, Kraków.

1997           Tokyo-Sapporo Conference "Tour of Singularity", Tokyo-Sapporo 17-22 February.

1997           Topological and Variational Singularities Methods in Nonlinear Analysis, Gdańsk, September 15-20, (Member of the Scientific Committee).

1998           Banach Center Symposium on Geometry and Topology of Caustics, CAUSTICS'98,(coorganisation), Warsaw, June 15 - 27.

1998           Visit to the Valley Geometry Seminar, University of Massachusetts, Holyoke College, USA.

1999           Banach Center Symposium "Complex Methods in PDEs" Warsaw, 8-13 March.

1999           European Research Conference on "Geometry, Analysis and Mathematical Physics, Obernai, 4.06-9.06,1999, France

2000           Research visit to Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, 1 month

2000           Nato Advanced Study Institute: "New Developments in Singularity Theory", Cambridge, 24.07.-11.08.

2000           Seminar on Nonlinear Systems (R. Ribotta), Universite de Paris-Sud, Orsay, France, 23.11.-28.11.

2000           Conference "Singularity Theory and Applications to Geometry" Liverpool, England, 15-21.12.

2000           Workshop "Singularity Theory and applications to wave propagation and Dynamical Systems", Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, 22.09.-01.10.

2001           Research visit to Max-Planck-Institut fÄur Mathematik, Bonn,8-15.02.

2001           Warwick Symposium on Geometric Mechanics and Symmetry, 08.12 - 14.12. 2001, Mathematical Research Center, Warwick.

2002           Research visits to Max-Planck-Institut fÄur Mathematik, Bonn, 1 - 28.02. 2002 and 1 - 30.06.2002

2003           Research visits to University of Savoie at Chambery, France, 1 - 30.03. 2003 and 1 - 30.07.2003

2004           Real Analytic and Algebraic Geometry, Annual Meeting, Salamanca, Spain, 22 - 27.06.

2004           VIII Rencontre de Sao Carlos - Singularites Reelles et Complexes, Luminy, France, 19 - 23.07. 2004

2004 27.10. 7.11. 2004.            Research visit to Weizmann Institute, Rehevot (Y. Yomdin Seminar), Technion, Haifa, Department of Mathematics, (M. Zhitomirski Seminar), Israel,

2004 16.05. - 24.05. 2004.        Research visit to Centro di Ricerca Matematica Ennio De Giorgi, Pisa, Włochy.

2005           Real Algebraic and Analytic Geometry annual meeting, Passau, 5-9. 09, 2005, Germany.

2005           Research and conference visit, Singularities, CIRM, Luminy, France, 7.02.2005-25.02.

2005           Uniwersity of Sao Paulo at Sao Carlos, Brasil, 14.05. - 2.06.

2006           Conference on Deferential Equations and Dynamical Systems, Suzdal, Russia, 10.07. - 15.07.

2006           University of Sao Paulo at Sao Carlos, Brasil, 19.07. - 10.08.


Areas of interest.


Singularity theory of differentiable maps.

Singularity theory of Lagrangian varieties.

         Singularity theory methods in physics: phase transitions, mathematical theory of optics, bifurcations in     stochastic dynamical systems, control of static mechanical systems.

Canonical resolution of singularities of Lagrangian varieties, classification of constrained Lagrangian varieties.

Singularities of symmetric Lagrangian varieties and breaking of symmetry.

Singularities of caustics and wavefronts, reduction of functional moduli in normal forms of Lagrangian submanifolds.

Canonical symplectic structures in invariant theory of binary forms.

Classification of singularities of isotropic varieties in degenerated symplectic geometry.

Classification of diffractional isotropic submanifolds.

Singularities of systems of rays in sub-Riemannian geometry.

Generic properties of a general exponential maps.

Generic properties of ovals, measure of symmetry.

Singular symplectic spaces, singular phase spaces,

Classifcation of singularities of differential forms

Symplectic invariants of systems of surfaces.

Characteristic classes for isotropic varieties.

Cohomological invariants in discrete dynamical systems.

Product stratifications of Lagrangian Grassmannian, Geometry and Topology of symplectic relations. Applications to nonconvex billiards and equilibrium configurations in mathematical physics. Implicit differential equations - applications to control systems.

Symplectic bifurcations of curves and surfaces.