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CE/EE Calculus

CALCULUS 2  (Civil/Environmental Engineering)

Office hours:  Tuesday 11:15-12:00 or 15:00-15:45
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Download and read the COURSE REGULATIONS  

Download, print and bring to each classes the LIST OF PROBLEMS FOR TUTORIALS


Calculus 1 

Examples of theoretical questions.

Examples of exams from previous years:  ex1,  ex2,  ex3,  ex4,  ex5,  ex6.

Students may view their exams on FRIDAY, 2nd Feb, 10-11, r. 420 Maths building.

Above and other information can be found on PELE (log in as a guest).

You can download vocabulary handout (by A.Badenska).

K. Hirst 'Calculus of One Variable' available to download from the Springer webpage.

Useful links:
Hyperbolic functions