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Foundation year

Not this year...

Official webpage of the project:

Subject regulations

Office hours:  ...
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Tests:  21.03, 23.04, 04.06.

Materials for summer semester:

1. Polynomials, rational functions, absolute value;

2. Exponential and logarithmic functions;

3. Angles and trigonometry.

Textbook: David H. Collingwood, K. David Prince, Mathew M. Conroy, "Precalculus"

Useful link - trigonometric identities

Vocabulary handout

To be read: elementary set theory

Materials for winter semester:

1. Natural numbers (and more);

2. Algebraic terms and operations;

3. Set theory and logic;   

4. Units;

5. Coordinate system etc.

(by A.Badeńska and J. Samsonowicz)