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Project 1 (Individual Project)

Design and implement computer program which allows to play Gomoku (two players or a player vs computer).

Gomoku Rules:

The Board: consists of 15 evenly spaced horizontal and vertical lines. Pieces(stones) are placed on the intersections of those lines.

Object of the game: to get unbroken row of exactly five of your pieces horizontally, vertically or diagonally, while preventing your opponent from doing the same (more than five pieces is called "overline" and will not grant you a win).

Play: First player plays is placing black stones, second white stones.  Players alternate in placing a stone of their color on an empty intersection.

First stone of the first player must be placed in the center of the board. The first player's second stone must be placed outside a five by five box in the center of the board.

If the game is set up with a loss of game timeout penalty (time limit for all moves od the same player), then a player who times out will automatically forfeit the game. 

If the game is set up with a loss of turn timeout penalty (time limit for each move), then a player who times out will forfeit only a single turn. Since it may be disadvantage to make two moves in a row, after a player has timed out his or her opponent may choose to pass the move back without playing. Any player who forfeits three turns in a row also forfeits the game.

Any player may offer a draw along with his or her move. If the other player accepts the offer, then the game will be and as a draw.  

Project Reqiurements:

The computer program should allow to play two players to play a player vs computer. There should be the possibility to set time limit for the whole game or for each move. Any player must have the possibilty to offer draw. 

The documentation should contain:

1. Gomoku Rules

2. Description of the implemented computer's strategy

3. User manual

4. Technical documentation (description of main data structures and procedures, comments in code)


New Year's checkpoint: Please send me by e-mail the description of the computer's strategy till the end of the first week of the year 2008.

Deadline for the final submission: end of February 2008.

Penalty for the late submission: the grade is decreased by 1 (max. B)