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Maciej Grzenda, Ph.D.

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Big Data: storage and stream processing lectures at the University of Burgos


Lecture notes:




  • Office hours (grades, questions): 27.06.2018 at 10.30, room 551
  • Please check the website for possible updates.


Business Intelligence and Web Applications


  • Starting from 14th of December the labs will start at 10.00
  • The dates of remaining labs: 11.01.2018, 18.01.2018 (2nd pointed task), 25.01.2018 (grades, retake lab). Please note that there will be no labs on 4.01.2018 due to Monday classes on this day
  • Past announcements:
    • Lecture dates and time: Tuesday 14.15-16.00, room 314 on: (1) 3.10.2017, (2) 10.10.2017, (3) 17.10.2017, (4) 24.10.2017, (5) 31.10.2017, (6) 7.11.2017, (7) 14.11.2017, (8) 21.11.2017 (one hour only)
    • There will be no labs on 23rd of November 2017. We will have 4 hours of labs on 30.11.2017 starting from 8.15, room 304 (lab reservation confirmed)
    • The first pointed task will be on 7th of December 2017.


Lecture notes:

SQL-related content:





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Data Bases

  • Your grades taking into account both exams and exam results are now available in USOS.
  • Please note that you grades may be improved by passing an exam in September. The grades present now in Usos are the grades based on the points received by individual students from the labs and from the exams made until now.
  • Results of the last exam can viewed on Tuesday 3.07.2018, at. 15.30, room 316


Lecture notes:



Introduction to Web Programming


(for the students of Universidad de Burgos)



Lecture notes: