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Academic year 2017/2018


  • enrolments, exemptions, recognitions (e.g. of already passed subject) are possible only in first tree weeks of semester (October 4th, 2013),
  • acknowledgments of written tests and entering grades in documents are possible only in announced deadlines (October 4th, 2013),
  • only addmited students can pass a subject, i.e. students enrolled in the USOS list on date of last lecture (January 18th, 2015 r.),
  • any incomplete or incorrectly filled in document submitted to be authorised will not be considered. A photocopy must be submitted of any document requiring authorisation unless it is a grading list (January 18th, 2015 r.),
  • due to abuse of e-mail communication, according to students' suggestions, the following restrictions are made: (October 4th, 2015 r.),
    • important problems (personal, misfortune) can be directly consulted by e-mail or face to face,
    • questions concerning the taught subject can be asked at class or should be e-mailed via a selected representative,
    • any e-mail must be sent from students server/account, e-mails from other accounts will be automatically put into spam, this restriction concerns all classes of my subjects (lectures/tutorials/labs/projects),

Automata Theory and Formal Languages:

  • consultations will be held on September 4th at 11.00, meeting room IV/V level (August 30, 2018),

Algorithms and Computability:

  • results of retaken assessment, January 18th at 11.15, meeting room IV/V floor, alternatively please contact me in room 552 (January 14th),
  • retaken assessment will be held on January 11th at 16.15 in room 329. It will have the form of a written test (January 8st),
  • consultations are scheduled on Friday January 4th at 11.30 and on Tuesday January 8th at 13.15 in meeting room IV/V floor, alternatively please contact me in room 552 (December 22nd),
  • consultations are scheduled on Wednesday December 19th and on Friday December 21st at 11.30 in meeting room IV/V floor, alternatively please contact me in room 552 (December 17th),
  • positive grades granted to projects after December 11th were notified via e-mails (December 17th),
  • students who will not attempt January re-assessment, may do it on December 19th, details as in the point below. In such the case, it will be required (a) to declare it by email sent next week, December 10-15 and (b) to sign resignation from January re-assessment prior to the test (December 8th),
  • students who have delivered a self-assessment questionnaire but did not approach the oral test or those who did not deliver a self-assessment questionnaire will have a chance to pass the AnC course on Wednesday, December 19th at 16.15. The room and possible change of time will be announced later here. In this case, it will be a written test. In order to approach the written test, you shall declare it in the week preceding the assessment week, that is 10-15 December 2018. To declare, an e-mail should be sent to me, the e-mail should include 3-5 topics (topics, not specific issues) learnt best and 3-5 topics learned worst (December 8th),
  • retaken assessment will be held in January. It will be in the form of a written test. The anticipated date of the re-take examination is Friday, 11 January at 16.15. The room will be announced later here (December 1st),
  • retaken assessment, written test, will be held on January 11th at 16.15, rom 216 (November 29th),