PION. Software Engineering Site

SE knowledge is essential for working in organized programmer and developer teams. Everybody who is about to work in such a group should closely study actual knowledge in this field. This site proposes some materials and many links useful in self-education. Lecture is only a brief introduction to the problem. To start visiting the site go to Resources. A short history of this site is in History.

Authors hope that this web site will be an information platform for all people interested in SE. Everyone is invited to submit texts, articles and other resources. Author and maintainer of this page especially appreciates reviews and comments on gathered materials. If You want to be involved, please have a look at the Students' Corner (MiNI students only) or send an e-mail (see Site Maintainers).

There are several people involved in creation of this web site. Also several people reviewed texts and should be acknowledged. If You have any comments, please send e-mail to  kaczmars at mini pw edu pl.

Our server is highly virus and intruder aggressive, so do not try spamming or virusing us. You should also know that all e-mails with attachments like .doc .html .zip.zip or zips encapsulated in other zips are immediately deleted.