Human and Field: Submission or Interaction

19 -  21.05.2017 | Pałac Ossolińskich, Sterdyń, Poland


Human and Field: Submission or Interaction


19-21 May 2017, POLAND

Symposium in cooperation between the ATDI enterprise and Center for Advanced Studies at Warsaw University of Technology.
The main subject of the meeting is “human hazard” and the impact of the electromagnetic waves on living structures. Symposium foresees to take account of large range of issues concerning interactions between electromagnetic field and humans. The experts of different knowledge areas, including physics, medicine and technical sciences, will introduce the newest achievements in the scope. The meeting will bring together young researchers and established scientists, those active in the wide spectrum of applied broadcasting. It gives an excellent opportunity to determine the new challenges, within an international cooperation of advanced researchers and research groups.

The symposium is held directly under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Affairs.

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland (CCIFP) announcement.

The patronage of RMF 24 radio

Symposium place: Pałac Ossolińskich, Sterdyń


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