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Bachelor thesis

Nawigator turystyczny
Kierunek Informatyka


Karol Muszyński, p. Hajdacki


Implementation of a mobile navigation on tracks of  Kampinoski Park Narodowy. The module allows the user a choise of route and controls by signalisation of nearest POI and lost of track. The track should be presented on the third source reference data such as maps or photos. The application should estimate remaining time to the next POI.

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Subject Mobile presentation creator
Field Informatyka


Karolina Drewnik, Anna Powolny


The main goal is to develop a mobile client application that will be used to create and manage a multimedia presentation. The application will be create for the Android platform.

The functionality will be adapted to the needs of the user – it will include for example adding text and formatting it and also the choosing "design" of the presentation from given.

The mobile application is connected with the server presentation application that contains and shows the user presentations

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  3. Strona internetowa:
Creation of geocoding engine for handling of untypical spatial queries
Field Computer Science
Students Andrzej Pierścionek, Paweł Peregud
Description In traditional location systems a definition of location description is strongly limited by defined data structure. For example when a location is determined by a street name from an inner dictionary then users cannot define different localization, such as a crossroad. On the other hand, localizations outside of dictionary is incomprehensible to a system. The solution is in geocoding, which connects dictionary entries with geodetic data. Then the location is defined a geometric product of various main keys.

This work is aimed on providing practical working implementation of alternative approach to geocoding. For that a system, consisting of indexing engine, geocoding engine, shell scripts, database and front-end web application should be created.

The implementation has to be based on industry standards (data formats, request format and ways of representation of results) and to be able to work on data of any country of origin.


Bibliography 1. Robust Location Search from Text Queries (Vibhuti Sengar, Tanuja Joshi, Joseph Joy, Samarth Prakash, Kentaro Toyama). Microsoft Research India.
Automatic Analysis of Data Base Conformity with Security Policy
Field Computer Science
Student Mateusz Tworek, Nguyen Tien Duc, Tomasz Lutomirski
Description The work aimed at an automatic analysis of data bases conformity with a security policy. For that there will be created system, consisting of shell scripts, database and front-end application, which partly implements a functionality of commercial solutions such as fortiDB.

The functionality allows an easy definition of various tests, adding databases to be tested, performing scans on selected data bases and generation of reports based on collected data. Reports should allow comparison between results of scans and reviewing details of inconsistencies that were found. During scan it is crucial to separate damaged or partial data from data gathered without problems.

Typical test scenario would include: selecting databases to be tested and tests to be performed, performing scan, reviewing log files of scan, reviewing results of scan in front-end application.


Bibliography 1 Oracle Scripts, Brian Lomasky, David C. Kreines, O'Reilly Media, 1998
2 Oracle Security, William Heney, Marlene Theriault, O'Reilly Media, 1998
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