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FIFO roulette

Write two single process programmes, one will act as game master and another will play the game.

There can be only one instance of the game master, it must create the fifo file at the start and remove it at the end of the programme. The game master reads the bets (PID,NUMBER[1-5]) from the fifo and as soon as it collects 3 bets random number [1-5] is selected. If any of the processes has the same winning number game master sends SIGUSR1 (win) to it, otherwise SIGUSR2 (lose). After that, game master awaits new bets. It does not terminate on EOF condition on fifo, it stops only for C-c.

There can be any number of player instances. The player sends its bet (PID,NUMBER[1-5]) via fifo and awaits signal. On SIGUSR1 it prints WIN, on SIGUSR2 (lose) and exits. If the response is not received within 10s player exits with TIMEOUT message.

Both programs require fifo name as sole parameter.

Task will be graded by Marcin Borkowski. Copy your solutions to /home2/samba/borkowskim/unix/ .

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