My name is Przemysław Kamiński and I'm a PhD student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Sciences at Warsaw University of Technology. My research interests are mainly concerded with Partial Differential Equations and their applications. In the past I have worked for the Central European Journal of Mathematics as an Associate Editor. Currently I'm one of the organizers of the Third Interdisciplinary Mathematics Workshop in Będlewo.

I'm a big fan of the Linux operating system. It has many advantages over MS Windows, some of them being: flexibility, stability, better performance, security, true multitasking, and open sourcedness. I support the Open Source movement to create free software, an idea of Richard Stallman (who is also a mathematician ;)) Also, a great book about Free Software (and not only that...) is Keith Curtis' After the Software Wars.

What we need are the Constitutional restraints on the power of the government to interfere with free markets: in foreign exchange, in foreign trade, in many other aspects of our lives.
Milton Friedman, "Free to Choose" TV Show, 1980, Vol 2/10


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