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Data Compression, winter 13/14

Lecture is given by Prof. Irmina Herburt.


Project is written in pairs.

In this year we focus on text compression.

Basic codes:
1. Huffman code
2. block prefix code
3. finite memory code
4. finite state code
5. arithmetic code
6. Lempel - Ziv code

Here you can choose your project topics.

The task is to implement some modification of the given algorithm, which could be particularily efficient for the benchmark text. Try to exploit the structure of XML file. Additionally, test your algorithm on different XML files.

15.10.2013 Groups and topics
05.11.2013 Functional Documentation
07.01.2014 Application
07.01.2014 Tests report
14.01.2014 Final Presentation

25% Functional Documentation
50% Application and tests
25% Final Presentation

Late submissions: -10% of total grade for every started week after the deadline