Michał Stronkowski

Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, Warsaw University of Technology
, room 507 GMiNI

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  1. Grzegorczyk algebras revisited, to appear in Bulletin of the Section of Logic.
  2. (with Anvar Nurakunov) Profiniteness in finitely generated varieties is undecidable, to appear in Journal of Symbolic Logic (preprint arXiv:1712.09056).
  3. Axiomatizations of universal classes through infinitary logic, appeared online in Algebra Universalis.
  4. Universal freeness and admissibility, UNIF (2016), 57-61 (extended abstract).
  5. (with Miguel Campercholi and Diego Vaggione) On structural completeness vs almost structural completeness problem: A discriminator varieties case study, Logic Journal of the IGPL 23(2) (2015), 235-246 (preprint: arXiv:1407.0175).
  6. (with Wojciech Dzik) Almost structural completeness; an algebraic approach, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 167(7) (2016), 525-556 (Abstract from TACL 2013, Preprint arXiv:1402.5495).
  7. (with Małgorzata Gutkowska, Marta Wnuk, Julita Nowakowska, Małgorzata Lichocka, Ewa Świeżewska) Rab geranylgeranyl Transferase β subunit is essential for male fertility and tip growth in Arabidopsis, Journal of Experimental Botany 66(1) (2015), 213-224 (open access).
  8. (with Belinda Trotta) Boolean topological graphs of semigroups: the lack of first-order axiomatization, Semigroup Forum 89(2) (2014), 443-461 (open access).
  9. (with Michał Cukrowski) Remarks on smooth real-compactness for Sikorski spaces, Demonstratio Mathematica 47(2) (2014), 465-473 (open access).
  10. Defining subdirect product closed classes in infinitary logic, Algebra Universalis 69(3) (2013), 231-235 (open access).
  11. (with Anvar Nurakunov) Relation formulas for protoalgebraic equality free quasivarieties: Pałasińska's theorem revisited, Studia Logica, 101(4) (2013), 827-847 (open access).
  12. (with Anias Romanowska & Zamojska-Dzienio) Embedding sums of cancellative modes into functorial sums, Demonstratio Mathematica 44(3) (2011), 557-569 (preprint).
  13. Quasi-equational bases for graphs of semigroups, monoids and groups, Semigroup Forum 82 (2011), 296-306 (open access).
  14. (with David Stanovský) Embedding general algebras into modules, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 138 (2010), 2687-2699 (open access).
  15. Embedding entropic algebras into semimodules and modules, International Journal of Algebra and Computation 19 (2009), 1025-1047 (preprint).
  16. (with Anvar Nurakunov) Quasivarieties with definable relative principal subcongruences, Studia Logica 92 (2009), 109-120 (preprint).
  17. Cancellation in entropic algebras, Algebra Universalis 60 (2009), 439-468 (preprint).
  18. On free modes, Comment. Math. Univ. Carolinae 47/4 (2006) 561-568 (open access).
  19. A characterization of varieties equivalent to varieties of affine modules, Contributions to General Algebra 14 (2004), 167-172 (preprint).

Selected slides

  1. Finite axiomatization for quasivarieties of digraphs, 5PCC, Będlewo 2014.
  2. Structural completeness for discriminator varieties, Algebras & Clones fest, Prague 2014.
  3. Boolean topological graphs of semigroups, BLAST, Orange 2013.
  4. On almost structural completeness, TACL, Nashville 2013.
  5. Embedding entropic algebras into modules, UA and LT conf., Szeged 2012.
  6. Finite axiomatization of quasivarieties of relational structures, Jardafest, Praha 2010.
  7. Abelianess implies quasi-affiness revisited, NSAC'09, Novi Sad 2009.
  8. Pałasińska's finite basis theorem revisited, AAA78, Bern 2009.
  9. A new proof of Pigozzi theorem, LOGIC COLLOQUIUM 2008, Bern 2008.
  10. Embedding algebras into entropic polyquasigroups, LOOPS'07, Praha 2007.
  11. Subreducts of modules over commutative rings, AAA74, Tampere 2007.
  12. O Zanurzeniach Algebr Entropicznych, Ph.D defence, Warszawa 2007.


  1. On embeddings of entropic algebras, Ph.D thesis, content = papers 2+3+5.
  2. O rozmaitościach równoważnych rozmaitościom modułów afinicznych, MSc thesis, content = paper 1.


  1. AAA88, Warszawa 2014.
  2. AAB, New York 2011.
  3. AAA80, Będlewo 2010.
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