Introduction to Formal Logic and Set Theory

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Test 1. 28.10 Test 2 25.11 9:15   Test 3 16.12  Test 4 20.01  9:15 am  room 329

IFLST 0 - Induction

IFLST1 - Logic  updated 20.10.2019

IFLST 2 - Sets

IFLST 3 - Intersections and Unions 

IFLST 4 - Functions 

IFLST 5 - Relations 

IFLST 6 - Order sets

Exercises: 4 test 8 points each + 8 points for activity = 40 points

Exam: 60 points (including 20 points for theory). 

The final grade is awarded according to the following scale: 50-59 C, 60-69 C+, 70-79 B, 80-89 B+, 90-100 A.

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You got electronic access to some books on Itmm: 

http://www.bg.pw.edu.pl/ezrodla.html -> Lista tytułów e-źródeł -> Title begins with "discrete mathematics" 

   Discrete MathematicsVatsa, B.S.
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in e-books: Ebrary Academic Complete Subscription Collection

   Discrete mathematics : elementary and beyondLovász, László
in e-books: Ebrary Academic Complete Subscription Collection

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in e-books: ScienceDirect Mathematics eBook Collection 1995-2006

   Schaum's outline of theory and problems of discrete mathematics2nd ed. / Lipschutz, Seymour
Alternate Title: Discrete mathematics
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