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Advanced Algorithms

ROOM changed to 222 Main Building.Fridays 2:15 pm.

project list

  • 7th November  - preliminary documentation (problem and solution description - pseudocode , proof of connectedness of the solution) 
  • end of November - preliminary version of application
  • 7th January - final version of application and final documentation. (changes, users guide, description of tests, conclusions, job partition).

Each part should be sent via e-mail (no printed version needed - save forests). After sending the final version agree time for presentation of the application. Every (started) week late on any deadline costs 3 points.

  • application 20 points
  • preliminary documentation 10 points
  • final documentation 10 points.
You are requested to:
  • use name of the project (not only the number) when You ask about it.
  • be careful with sending exe (alpha does not accept it)
  • ask for automatic confirmation when sending an email
To pass the subject you need at least 20 points on project and at least 30 on the exam.