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Information for students of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering

Course Content
  1. Groups and fields
  2. The field of complex numbers
  3. Vector spaces
  4. Basis and dimension of a vector space
  5. Matrices. Operations on matrices
  6. Linear transformations
  7. Determinants and their properties
  8. Rank of a matrix. Systems of linear equations
  9. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of linear transformations
  10. Diagonal matrices
  11. The scalar, vector and triple scalar product of vectors
  12. Planes and lines in space
  13. Surfaces in space
  14. Parametric equations of space curves
  15. The Frenet trihedron
  16. Curvature and torsion of a space curve
  17. Tangent plane and normal line to a surface

Results of the first final exam.

Solutions to problems from the final exam.