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Course TitleAlgebra with Geometry
Course typeTraditional, i.e. lectures and exercises
Hours/weekTwo hours lecture plus two hours of exercise
Instructordr Tomasz Traczyk
Course statusObligatory
PrerequisitesHigh-school level mathematics, including trygonometry
Reference books "Linear Algebra" by S.Lipschutz, McGraw-Hilland,
this for vector spaces,
this and that for fields, groups and complex numbers.
The links should work if accessed from university computers.
Objectives of the CourseTo introduce the student to the basic concepts of abstract and linear algebra

Grading rules

Students are required to write two midterm tests, with maximum score of 16 points each. On top of that you can get up to 8 points for your classroom activity. There will be no retakes of midterm tests (except chance events).
By the end of the term students will be required to sit a final exam. The maximum score in the final exam is 60 points. Oral exams take place only in exceptional cases, for example if the total score is inconclusive, or the final exam score is obviously inconsistent with in-semester performance of the student.
Final grades are calculated according to the following table, where 'points' stands for the total number of points, i.e. in-semester plus the final exam.

0-50F   (2.0) - FAILED
51-60C   (3.0) - SATISFACTORY
61-70C+   (3.5) - FAIR
71-80B   (4.0) - GOOD
81-90B+   (4.5) - VERY GOOD
91-100A   (5.0) - EXCELLENT
To pass the course on the basis of a retake exam a student needs to score at least 50%. Points won during the term are lost.
The penalty for cheating in a test is 0 points for the test and 5 (or 10 in case of the final exam) penalty points to be deducted rom the overall score of the culprit. Severe cases may be reported to the Dean and offenders may face disciplinary action.