Geometry and Topology of Caustics


19-30 June, 2006
Warsaw, Poland

List of participants

Scientific Committee:
J-P. Brasselet (Luminy), Yu. Chekanov (Moscow), V. Goryunov (Liverpool), S. Gusein-Zade (Moscow), S. Izumiya (Sapporo), G. Ishikawa (Sapporo), M. Kazarian (Moscow), J. Kijowski (Warsaw), R. Ribotta (Orsay), M. Saja (Sao Carlos), N. Schwartz (Passau), D. Trotman (Marseille), M. Zhitomirskii (Haifa), Y. Yomdin (Rehevot)

Advisory Committee:
V.I. Arnol`d (Moscow), M. Berry (Bristol), V. Vassiliev (Moscow)

Organizing Committee:
J.W. Bruce (Liverpool), S. Janeczko (Warsaw), D. Siersma (Utrecht), M. Soares Ruas (Sao Carlos), V. Zakalyukin (Moscow)

Proposed research topics include:

I. Local models
- Lagrangian and legendrian singularities
- Asymptotic behaviour around caustics and wavefronts
- Singular symplectic, contact and Poisson spaces
- Systems of rays, optical caustics
- Bifurcations of caustics and wavefronts
- Singularities of J-holomorphic curves
- Differential geometry of singularities

II. Symplectic invariants
- Vassiliev invariants, Gromov-Witten invariants
- Lagrangian cobordism invariants
- Symplectic capacities
- Singular reduction
- Hamiltonian systems and their generalizations
- Symplectic singularities of curves and surfaces
- Applications to natural and physical systems


We plan to publish the Banach Center Volume Proceedings. As a rule we would not
want regular papers to exceed 12 pages and survey papers to exceed 20 pages. We will
encourage researchers to deliver the special historical review lectures and submit
them to the proceedings.